April 17, 2024

You may want to read Mike Julianelle’s blog if you’re tired of hearing people moan about the conduct of their children. It’s a great read for being an anti-parenting journal. Many readers will like his writing style since it is so candid and amusing. Mike Julianelle, a 30-year-old from North Carolina, is the blogger behind this site. There are humorous entries within regarding his experiences as a new father and the difficulties he has encountered so far. Dad and buried the anti-parent parenting blog isan honest account of his experiences as a parent and a wealth of useful information for other new parents. Podcasts and social media postings are also included on the site.

Fatherhood Has Changed Mike Julianelle:

After more than ten years online, the Dad and Buried blog has established itself as a go-to for parents everywhere. Mike Julianelle, a native of Brooklyn, founded it to provide a forum in which parents from all walks of life may talk to one another. The site is entertaining and well-written, and it has helpful resources for parents. Mike is a proud parent of two and loves to talk to others about life.

The blog’s candor and openness have made it a hit with a certain audience. By calling himself an “anti-parent,” Julianelle combines satire with pessimism to release his pent-up rage and despair. Julianelle intends for the blog to be a welcoming, judgment-free zone, so she checks in on it often.

New York City dad and blogger Mike Julianelle writes about his parenting and life in Brooklyn on his blog. Drug addiction, family troubles, and family fights are just some of the topics covered in this blog with an emphasis on modern parenting. Mike Julianelle’s blog is hilarious despite the hardships it chronicles, and it has helped many parents deal with their anxiety as a result.

Although Mike Julianelle’s focus is on his kid, the blog covers various subjects that may be of interest to parents. A parent’s lifestyle must undergo significant alteration after they become parents. Because of his kids, he can’t go out drinking and partying whenever he wants anymore. But he refuses to compromise who he is despite the challenges he faces.

Mike Julianelle is a father of three and has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of parenting. His blog serves as a counterpoint to other blogs by discussing these topics. If you’re a parent who’s worried about your kid’s health, this book might be a great resource for you.

Anti-Parent Parenting

An Anti-Parenting Journal, His Blog:

Mike Julianelle, a Brooklynite in his thirties, is the author of the blog Dad and Buried. The site provides a haven for people to discuss the challenges of parenting without fear of criticism. In addition, it offers guidance for anti-parent parenting in general. Mike Julianelle’s tone is typically sardonic, yet he still wants to assist parents to get through the tough times.

A little more than a year after its launch, this blog has garnered a massive following among parents and kids alike. Despite the author’s best intentions, some readers may find it offensive due to the opinions expressed. Since this is the case, before reading the blog, you should examine your reasons for doing so.

This site is loaded with up-to-date advice for today’s parents and kids. Non-parents who are interested in parenting will find this book useful as well. The blog’s creator is a dad who wants to provide a hand to other guardians in navigating the challenges of raising children. The blog’s primary focus is on parenting, although it delves into a wide range of related subjects.

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Dad and Buried is a blog written by Mike Julianelle, a father and a blogger. The primary goals of the blog are to educate readers about uncommon diseases and to share personal experiences as parents. His memoirs focus on his life as a father and his interactions with his kid. Aside from his blog, he also has a podcast and an online shop.

Good For Parents To Read With Their kids:

This blog, Dad and Buried is written from the perspective of a father who is strongly opposed to traditional anti-parent parenting methods. The author, who writes as any good dad would, takes issue with modern parenting fads and offers advice on how to make it as a parent in the modern world. It’s a page-turning good time that won’t let go of your attention.

It’s A Nice Venue For Parties:

Julianelle, who describes himself on his blog as an “anti-parent,” writes on parenting at Dad and Buried. He calls himself “cynical and snarky” and takes out his anger on other parents on his blog. Despite his disclaimer that he is not a psychotherapist, he admits that raising children is difficult. While reading his blog may be insulting to some, it is still a good time.

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Dad and Buried have been a popular online resource for parents for ten years. This site caters to parents who are looking for both information and amusement. The author, a local of Brooklyn, writes to give parents a place to vent their emotions without fear of repercussion. The comments are well-written and hilarious. As a bonus, they may also aid any parent who is interested in exploring non-conventional approaches to raising a child.


For more than a decade, Dad and Buried, often known as the Anti Parent parenting site, has been a hit with both parents and those without kids. The blog’s original goal was to serve as a resource for parents by providing information on a variety of topics, and it has been quite useful in doing so. The blog covers a broad range of issues, from keeping families legitimate and at peace to combating addiction and the sexual abuse of children.

The site’s creator is a “counter-parent” who freely admits that raising children is no easy feat and who writes the blog to provide parents with a safe space to air their grievances. The blog’s readership has grown significantly, both among adults and young people. Parental guidance is strongly encouraged due to the presence of serious topics.

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