April 17, 2024

Have any idea how old is Mirabel in Encanto? Fans of the program, in particular, seem to be among those eager to find out. So, how old is she? Let’s check. Disney’s “Encanto,” starring Mirabel, will hit theatres in November 2021. Mirabel is the eldest daughter of the Madrigals in the film, and although her siblings all have magical abilities, she has not. She is described as trustworthy and kind.

She does her best to assist her family and makes good use of her non-magical skills. Mirabel is the only member of the Madrigal family who does not acquire a magical talent, and the filmmakers Byron Howard and Jared Bush portrayed her as a flawed, eccentric, sensitive, and compassionate 15-year-old girl.

At 15 Years Old, Mirabel in Encanto info about how old is Mirabel in Encanto

In the Disney animated feature film Encanto, Isabela Madrigal plays a young lady with the magical ability to bring flowers to life. Isabela cultivates a wide range of plants during the film. She can also wave her hands and produce flowers, and use food to cure people. In the first scene of the film, Isabela has already agreed to marry Mariano Guzman. They have a stunning home in the Colombian highlands. The chemistry between Mariano and Dolores, however, causes Isabela and Mirabel to take a flying leap.

At first, Isabela could only produce perfectly symmetrical blooms that resembled cacti. Yet as her abilities expanded, she learned that she could cultivate a wide variety of plants. She has learned a great deal about many plants, such as flor de mayo, jacarandas, chrysanthemums, tabebuia, strangler figs, and many more. But she also has her share of self-doubts. One of them is that she has some self-esteem issues related to her looks.


The Colombian girl Luisa Madrigal is 19 years old. She is Agustin and Julieta’s middle child. The siblings Camilo and Antonio whom she has been her own. Although they are related by blood, the Madrigal family is far from being a solid one. The oldest, Isabela, is also the most beautiful. But fitting in with conventional norms does not make her happy.


At the beginning of Encanto, Mirabel is only a little girl. She’s just a little bit older than Camilo, her younger cousin. She and her sisters Isabela and Luisa are the only ones in the Madrigal family who do not possess any kind of magical abilities.

To this day, Mirabel still lives with her grandma, Pepa. Despite not being of Madrigal ancestry, she can control the elements with her moods. That’s why she’s been assisting the family with the preparations for the birthday present ceremony for Antonio. This incident highlights the Madrigals’ worry about Mirabel.

The Madrigals are well-known outside of the community but are not held in high regard inside. However, they each possess special abilities beyond those of mortal men. In addition, every member of the family is indispensable and has a distinct set of skills.

After a long break, Stephanie Beatriz is back

Stephanie Beatriz provides the voice of Mirabel Madrigal, a normal 15-year-old girl who becomes the last hope for her family’s survival, in the Disney film Encanto. She finds out that she is the only one of her kin who lacks any kind of extraordinary talent. But she feels alone and confused after discovering a magical candle she doesn’t know how to utilize. Based on a true tale of a Colombian family, “Encanto” is a magical film. Since its debut in November, it has received widespread critical acclaim.

In Short Term 12, Beatriz played the lead role. Besides Doug Mertz, she had roles in Cheche. She graduated from Stephens College and then relocated to Los Angeles to focus on her acting career. She met her future co-star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Rosa Diaz, there. They tied the knot in the new year and are expecting their first child.

Beatriz has provided her voice for a wide variety of cartoons. She played Gina Cazador on BoJack Horseman season 5 and was praised for her work. She has also appeared in several stage plays.

Beatriz has been in Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Southland, among others, as a guest star. She has also lent her voice to cartoons like “Batwoman” and “Catwoman: Hunted.”


For Isabela Madrigal, Pedro Madrigal is her grandpa; for Pepa Madrigal, he is her father; and for Alma Madrigal, he was her late husband. He gave his life trying to defend his loved ones. With his death, the people of Encanto were finally able to band together and establish a community.

The name Pedro comes from the name Peter. He displays both a soft sense of playfulness and a fierce protective instinct in the film’s flashbacks. Before he was slain by the troops, he diverted their attention so that the villagers could take a break from it. In two reminiscences, we learn how Pedro and Alma met and eventually married. Alma, who comes from a magical family, married a man named Pedro. They were blessed with triplets. The home where they raise their family in Encanto is quite enchanting.

These actors’ families originate from Colombia

When the film opens, Pedro is the only member of his family without a special talent. But he and Alma share a commitment to fairness. As Alma becomes older, she understands that being harsh with her family has always been a means to protect them. Many other interpretations of Pedro and Alma’s history have been proposed.

Some of his followers think he’s the driving force behind the Encanto mansion’s supernatural abilities. Some people think he is a guardian ghost who looks out for the family. A fantasy depiction of Colombia serves as the backdrop for Encanto. The animation and the depth of feeling in it have both gotten high marks. The cultural phenomenon was a term used by certain reviewers. Animated Feature Film at the Academy Awards was also given to this film. Veteran actors including John Leguizamo, Wilmer Valderrama, and Stephanie Beatriz are included in the cast.

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