April 17, 2024

A bridesmaid who claimed she had been expelled from a wedding party for shortening her hair sparked a heated debate that quickly went viral. The bridesmaid said in the post, which has more than 1,000 comments, that she was planning to sue the bride. She also said that the bride wanted specific hairstyles for each day.

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Though she loved her hair long, the bridesmaid saw that it was thinning “in chunks” and chose to have it trimmed in May. Having been kicked out as a bridesmaid sues the bride’s haircut for shortening her hair, the former attendant is now suing the bride for reimbursement of her wedding expenses.

First-hand Experience with A Bride: 

A lot of stress comes with planning a wedding. There’s a lot that has to be done, and when we’re making plans based on dreams we’ve had for a long time, those details, no matter how small, become big in our world.

When planning their wedding, some ladies are more adamant than others about recreating the fairytale wedding they imagined as a kid. Some women are so invested in the notion of their perfect wedding that they may be a real pain to work with. One bridesmaid (OP) has first-hand experience with a bride who went on a violent rampage and ended up suing over it.

OP came to seek guidance on how to proceed with the bride because she was stuck:

At the beginning of her story, she said, “For my friend’s 3-day wedding, I had to buy three different dresses (including alterations and specific shoes which totaled over $700. She also insisted on a different hairdo every day. OP was a bridesmaid, and she had done a lot to help her friend, the bride, get everything ready.

Her health had been deteriorating, unfortunately. She said, “My hair was falling out in chunks for no apparent reason, so in May I made the painful decision to cut my hair.” The bride did not appreciate that. “I told the bride about my decision two weeks before the wedding, and she didn’t say anything bad,” she continued.

But the tension was building. “The week after she came over to my place, she said that she was worried about my haircut, and I reassured her that it would look beautiful even though I wouldn’t be uniform with the other bridesmaids,” OP revealed.

OP said that the bride had written to her the next day.

I’ve been extremely kind and gracious, but I can’t allow you to disrespect me, as I’ve said in our previous chats, and I’d want to set some limits with you.


Continuing, he said, “My wedding is something I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. As (Husband) and I look back on the film and photographs we took on this special day in, we want to see our original goal realized. I have been extremely open and forthcoming with my desire for every one of you to be my bridesmaid sues bride haircut in 2019. It bothers me that you chose to have your hair chopped without consulting me first.

After being expelled from the wedding for shortening her hair, a bridesmaid is suing the bride for compensation:

What do you get when you mix a stressed-out bride with a woman who is determined to have her bridesmaids look a specific way no matter what it takes? the possibility of war. In this instance, it was the very scenario that played out. Following the bride’s expulsion from the wedding party due to her decision to cut her hair, one of the bridesmaids decided to sue the bride in court.

The unidentified bridesmaid said that she had decided to cut her hair due to health reasons, but that her companion was upset because she feared the new appearance would ruin the wedding photographs. The accused bridesmaid was instructed to purchase three outfits in preparation for the three-day wedding. It cost $700 to put together the ensemble, which included having the dress altered and buying matching shoes.

I spent more than $700.00 on three gowns, alterations, and shoes for my best friend’s three-day wedding. She also insisted on having a different hairdo every day. My hair began to thin down in March, which was a major bummer.

“In May, I took the painful choice to cut my hair since it was coming out in clumps and it was affecting my health,” she said. “The bride didn’t say anything negative when I informed her about my choice two weeks before the wedding. When she was leaving my home the next week, she said that she was worried about my haircut not being uniform with the other bridesmaids, to which I replied, “It would look fine even if I wouldn’t be uniform with the other bridesmaids.”

The bride wasn’t satisfied with her response, since the next day she received the following note: “After our previous chats, I’d want to remind you of my boundaries: I’ve been extremely gracious and elegant, but I can’t allow you to insult me. For as long as I can remember, a wedding has been at the top of my wish list.

In the future, when (Husband) and I look back on the film and images from this day, we want to see our vision mirrored in the mementos. The bride’s SMS message was quite lengthy. It bothers me that you decided to get a buzz cut right when you needed the extra cash, rather than waiting.

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She reportedly went on, “I would have felt appreciated if you had talked with me more than a week ahead to the wedding, so we could have worked together to find a collaborative solution. Though I understand and respect your health concerns, I cannot and will not alter my course of action to accommodate you or anyone else, especially since you have failed to keep me apprised of any changes you might be planning.

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